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标题: Spatial Difference of Transit-Based Accessibility to Hospitals by Regions Using Spatially Adjusted ANOVA

作者: Chen, MJ (Chen, Meijie); Chen, YM (Chen, Yumin); Wang, XG (Wang, Xiaoguang); Tan, HY (Tan, Huangyuan); Luo, FL (Luo, Fenglan)

来源出版物: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH  : 16  : 11  文献号: 1923  DOI: 10.3390/ijerph16111923  出版年: JUN 1 2019  

摘要: This paper proposes a spatial difference analysis method for evaluating transit-based accessibility to hospitals using spatially adjusted ANOVA. This method specializes in examining spatial variations of accessibility to hospitals by regions (i.e. administrative districts or subdistricts). The spatial lag model is applied to adjust traditional ANOVA, which reduces spatial dependency and avoids false rejection to null hypothesis. Multiple comparison methods are used for further detection of differences in accessibility between regions. After multiple comparison, accessibility within regions is classified into three levels. The study is conducted on two scalesadministrative districts and subdistrictsto discuss spatial variations in macro and micro dimensions respectively in the central part of Wuhan, China. Accessibility is calculated by using a simple model and a gravity model. The final classification results showed that the spatially adjusted method is more reliable than the traditional non spatially adjusted one and the gravity model can better detect more hidden information about the inequal distribution of medical resources. It is also found that the subdistricts, which have significantly lower accessibility to hospitals than others, are mainly distributed in Hongshan and Qingshan district. Our study hopes to shed new lights in spatial difference analysis for accessibility and provide policy recommendations that would promote equality in provisions of public health services.

入藏号: WOS:000472132900051

语言: English

文献类型: Article

作者关键词: ANOVA; Spatial difference; spatial lag model; accessibility

地址: [Chen, Meijie; Chen, Yumin; Tan, Huangyuan; Luo, Fenglan] Wuhan Univ, Sch Resource & Environm Sci, Wuhan 430079, Hubei, Peoples R China.

[Wang, Xiaoguang] Cent Michigan Univ, Dept Geog, 287 Dow Sci Complex, Mt Pleasant, MI 48859 USA.

通讯作者地址: Chen, YM (通讯作者)Wuhan Univ, Sch Resource & Environm Sci, Wuhan 430079, Hubei, Peoples R China.

电子邮件地址: Chen_meijie@whu.edu.cn; ymchen@whu.edu.cn; Wang9x@cmich.edu; tanhuangyuan@whu.edu.cn; FengLan_Luo@whu.edu.cn


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