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标题: Prefecture-level city shrinkage on the regional dimension in China: Spatiotemporal change and internal relations

作者: Zhang, YJ (Zhang, Yajie); Fu, Y (Fu, Yang); Kong, XS (Kong, Xuesong); Zhang, F (Zhang, Feng)

来源出版物: SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY  : 47  文献号: 101490  DOI: 10.1016/j.scs.2019.101490  出版年: MAY 2019  

摘要: City shrinkage characterized by population loss is a difficult issue challenging urban planning and regional development policy. China has been experiencing rapid urbanization over the past several decades. Although numerous studies have identified the characteristics and factors of urban expansion in China, city shrinkage has been widely ignored. This paper measured prefecture-level city shrinkage from the regional dimension based on the fourth (1990), fifth (2000) and sixth (2010) national census data in China. The spatiotemporal characteristics of shrinking cities were analyzed in different economic regions, and the relevant factors contributing to city shrinkage were explored based on the Pearson correlation coefficient. The results showed that the number of shrinking cities and the shrinking degree continuously increased from 1990 to 2010 in China. City shrinkage showed a significant positive correlation in space and was highly related to the regional economic level and population structure. Specifically, the aging population was a key factor responsible for city shrinkage, and a negative correlation was observed between the economic level and city shrinkage. These findings contribute to our understanding of the relationship between city shrinkage and economic development and provide important information for governments and planners formulating scientifically-based city development policies.

入藏号: WOS:000471280400043

语言: English

文献类型: Article

作者关键词: Shrinking city; Population structure; Spatial autocorrelation; Urban development; China

地址: [Zhang, Yajie; Fu, Yang; Kong, Xuesong] Wuhan Univ, Sch Resource & Environm Sci, 129 Luoyu Rd, Wuhan 430079, Hubei, Peoples R China.

[Zhang, Yajie; Kong, Xuesong] Wuhan Univ, Key Lab Geog Informat Syst, Minist Educ, 129 Luoyu Rd, Wuhan 430079, Hubei, Peoples R China.

[Zhang, Feng] Wuhan Univ, Sch Remote Sensing & Informat Engn, 129 Luoyu Rd, Wuhan 430079, Hubei, Peoples R China.

通讯作者地址: Kong, XS (通讯作者)Wuhan Univ, Sch Resource & Environm Sci, 129 Luoyu Rd, Wuhan 430079, Hubei, Peoples R China.

电子邮件地址: yj-zhang@whu.edu.cn; 315246226@qq.com; xuesongk@whu.edu.cn; f-zhang@whu.edu.cn


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